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2 months delay on a last paycheck after resigning

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  • 2 months delay on a last paycheck after resigning

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Florida and California

    I work on a consulting company in Florida
    I was deployed to work in California

    The company's client (in california) wanted to hire me and came up with an arrangement with my previous company (in Florida) where they paid a penalty to be able to hire me.

    My Old Florida company used to pay 15 days delayed, it means: The work performed from 1st to 15th are paid until the 30th. So in my last day they still owe me one paycheck 15 days after.

    Now after resigning, they told me that "for company policies" they won't pay me until August 15th (My last day was June 30th, my next paycheck should be issueed on July 15th, that's one MORE month later!) and ONLY if by then, my new California company pays all what they owe to them.

    Is that legal? How can I protect me to get my last check in a timely fashion?


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    The problem is this. FL does not have much in the way of labor law and does not enforce administratively what little it has in the way of laws. There is no FL DOL to complain to. You can take the employer to FL small claims court, get a judgement and hope that works, or talk to an attorney but there is nothing easy about getting a FL employer to do much of anything.
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      see replies in the other neighborhood.... many of us participate on multiple employment question forums. I responded back to you there again, so don't want to respond here too, but DAW does have great information!