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do banks hire anyone with an expunged record ..... pls read Florida

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  • do banks hire anyone with an expunged record ..... pls read Florida

    State: Florida, Tampa- Orlando

    Hello All

    I had a misdemeanor expunged 3 years ago ( it was for petit theft, it was the only time I ever came in contact with the law and i regret it to this day).
    I was working in corporate banking for the last 9 years at HSBC and now am looking at a new job at a major bank as a financial business analyst .

    I am so upset about what I did, so i checked all major background levels (local, state and even FBI).
    All come back clear. What bugs me that even the FBI rap sheet comes back clear also, it states "no arrest or conviction" after requesting an official copy with my fingerprints.

    BUT !!! Will banks see the expunged record anyways since they are government insured? the FBI lady on the phone told me no but somehow i dont believe it. They will see it , right? Why else would there be a section 19 for banks?

    Can you please advice?

    thank you so so so much

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    No one can say for sure what any individual bank might pick up on a background check or by other means. An expunged record just means it is removed from public view. Nothing completely removes your record except a pardon.
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      This article references NJ but the process and outcome are roughly the same.
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