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  • Offered assistant manager position until... California California

    I was offered the position of assistant manager at my place of employment. I gladly accepted the position. An employee that my manager has been having an affair with for 2 years was offered the position first but turned it down & said he was leaving the company because my married manager & his relationship was souring. Tension between the two. Today they starting talking and the employee has decided now he wants to stay because get this "She needs him so badly" lol. I've already been training for this position and even have gone in on recent days off to train. Needless to say, I'm pretty angry over this. I've told my family & people at work know I was offered & have seen me training for the position. Now because the guy she's having this affair with wants to stay I have to go through the embarrassment of telling everyone I'm actually not being promoted because he feels like they are getting along today? WTF

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    I don't see anything illegal here unless you have the offer in a binding employment contract. Even if unfair - unfair doesn't always equal illegal.
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      You should be paid for your training time. If they refuse to do so, file a wage claim with your state. (One thing though is that if it was unapproved work time, it could be a reason to terminate your employment).

      I'd start looking elsewhere honestly. Because I doubt this drama is going to subside and I am sorry you are caught in the middle of it!


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        Agreed. While the situation sucks, nothing illegal has occurred. If you have an HR department, you could report the situation but honestly, that's only likely to stir up a hornet's nest for you. I would honestly just consider finding another job. You will probably continue to get jerked around and put in the middle of the drama if you stay.


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          It stinks but it isn't illegal to go with the first choice. No need to go into the details with anyone. Just say the offer was rescinded.
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