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terminated from USPS and not paid annual leave California

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  • terminated from USPS and not paid annual leave California

    I'm not sure where to go from here, but I was terminated by the USPS during my probationary period. Their reason was I wasn't fast enough (which is not true, I had screen shots of my times and they were equal or better than the other carriers) But whatever, there's nothing I can do About that. My issue is that I had accrued 28 hours of annual leave that still has not been paid to me in nearly a month since being terminated. I thought under some technicality I wouldn't get it, but I've been told by my supervisor and the vice president of the union that I do get it, they just don't know when. I don't qualify for unemployment since I didn't work long enough so I really need to know if I get this or not! Please help! -California

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    File a grievance with your union and or a complaint for unpaid wages with the DLSE.
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