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Fired after Handing in letter of resignation Tennessee

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  • Fired after Handing in letter of resignation Tennessee

    On Thursday, I gave my boss my two week notice. He immediately closed his door and told me I was fired. He referenced that he had written me up before. (He had). But upon receiving my letter doesn't the company have to pay me PTO time due me? According to the company they don't. What they say is the decision to fire me was done before receiving my letter. However I was not told, until after I had handed over my letter.

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    Two weeks' notice is a courtesy that employees provide to employers. The employer has no legal obligation to allow employees to work out those weeks and is free to accept a resignation effectively immediately. That's the risk you take when you give notice. Payout of unused PTO is only required in states that have a law requiring it, and to the best of my knowledge Tennessee has no such law.
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      Agree that your employer could terminate you as soon as they received your notice to quit & they don't have to pay you for the time you didn't work.

      Re Tn.: State law provides that final wages of employees who quit or are discharged must include any vacation pay or other compensatory time owed to the employee by virtue of company policy or labor agreement.
      TCA statute 50-2-103
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        TN state law specifies that there must be a payout only if it's part of company policy. So if you have one detailed in your handbook, I would remind your employer of it. Barring that, there is no law requiring the payout of unused PTO.

        You could try applying for unemployment, since you were asked to leave without being allowed to work your notice period, and you weren't paid in lieu of notice, but keep in mind there is a 1-week elimination period in TN, and there are no guarantees you would be approved for benefits. If you are leaving for another job, it could be worth reaching out to them to let them know you're available earlier than expected.

        Good luck to you.