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disclosing positive drug test results to new potential employers Hawaii

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  • disclosing positive drug test results to new potential employers Hawaii

    Question about disclosing drug test results to potential new employers.
    I worked for a very large refinery, was caught with a random drug test, received time off from work and had to go to drug counseling. I started back to work, continued with my counseling, but left the company and moved about a month later due to my wife being diagnosed with cancer. Now , I'm finding that every time I search for work, they love my resume', then drop all contact with me...wont even accept my calls now. Wondering if its due to previous employer disclosing positive drug test? (was only marijuana if that matters?) Also, the previous employer being a refinery, I guess I was under DOT rules?, but new job interests are not DOT...what can I do to find out what's being said. Not to toot my own horn, but I know it wasn't because of my work performance.

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    Employers may share anything which is true or which they believe to be true. Reference checkers typically do ask if the employee had been disciplined in the past. If so, your former employer could be honest. If you aren't even getting to the interview stage, then this is unlikely to be the reason.
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      Yep, a former employer may disclose anything to a prospective employer that is true or they honestly believe to be true.

      There are many people having a hard time finding/getting a job these days - it may not even be due to your drug hx.
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