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  • Not getting paid California

    I need help! I am a recent UC college graduate who is "trying out" an assistant manager position that was listed on craigslist.

    The post (as I remember) listed that pay was DOE - Depends On Experience, however I have never had a formal interview.. but was told I'm "trying it out".

    I've gone in for two days, and am supposed to go this weekend as well but I have started sorting things for the company and will start being trained in the office tomorrow.

    None of this is paid! Before I go in tomorrow I want to call them to see how much I get paid and to get paid for training. It's an awesome job, but is this even legal?

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    Probably not legal, assuming that the assistant manager title (which is legally meaningless) has job duties indicated by the job title. It is hard to legally not pay employees at least minimum wage for hours worked. You can file a wage claim for unpaid wages with CA-DLSE.
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      Agree. If you did work, you should be paid.

      wage claim Ca. -
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