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Fired before I started California

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  • Fired before I started California

    Hi all. I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do about this, I was hired for a position back in Febuary of this year and a week before my start date I received a call saying that the position is put on hold until further notice and that they will contact me when it is open again. Well it's been months now and they are still hiring! I have seen about 5-7 hiring ads for the position they had hired me for. They had even asked one of my friends (i don't think they knew i know him) if he knows any service advisors looking fore a job. I've sent emails and called them about this but I get not response back. When they offered me the job, it was in writing and I had to respond back in writing because they said that they want everything in writing to have paper trail to cover them. I only received a phone call about the job being put on hold and that they will contact me when it is open again nothing in writing saying this or saying that I am fired. Is there anything I can do about this? I feel that the job is mine and if they are no longer interested in me then they should have informed me properly. Am I entitled to any loss wages?


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    You are not entitled to the job. Even if you had started, the company could have termed you on your first day.

    Detrimental reliance is a tough sell. You would need to show you lost income based on the rescinded job offer. This is the type of case you would need a lawyer for.


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      Unless they gave you a time frame during which they promised you the position if it came open, I would not hold my breath. You were selected 9 months ago. That is a long time to track back and assume that a candidate is still interested and available. I'd have had some major reservations if they did contact me now after so much time has passed.

      It is highly doubtful what you signed is an enforceable contract but only a lawyer who has reviewed the document can tell you for sure. If it is not a contract, then the company is free to start over with a fresh candidate pool and does not have to reconsider you.
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        For whatever reason, they're no longer interested in hiring you. It's time for you to move on...