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Can I get unemployment if I have 2 jobs? California

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  • Can I get unemployment if I have 2 jobs? California

    I was laid off from my full time job, but still have a part time job (10-12 hours a week) my question is can i still get unemployment for losing my full time job? Or should i quit my part time job to get benefits as I don't even make enough from that job to make my car payment.. Pls help! I tried calling EDD but noone answers..

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    You MIGHT qualify for partial unemployment. If you have a job, it is much easier to get another job.

    Quitting so you can get unemployment will only make you ineligible for unemployment.


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      Agree, you might qualify for partial UI. Don't quit your part time job. The
      UI folks prefer you have some income as opposed to none.
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