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  • Unemployment Adjudication State of Florida Florida

    Ok here is the issue. April 26th 2011 I did a work search review. Everything went smoothly no problem. They asked me if I was going to school informed them that I was taking a certification enhancement course that wasn't a priority. Gave them the information. The rep told me I can continue filing my claims, so I did as I was told. Thursday came the day of my direct deposit, no funds were deposited. So I called back to see what the situation was. Was then informed that my account was under an review to see if my class hours would effect my work schedule. I informed the lady that I wasn't in a class that required me to miss work. I don't even put that I'm in class or attending school when applying for a job. So she informs me that it take 4-6 wks for a decision have a nice day. Hung up. So meanwhile I have bills do phone gets cut off, rent, electric due. I call back every week checking the status. Tells me it's under review. So May 10th 2011 I email the status of my account cause now I can't get through to the office I request information for the lady whose handling my account denied any phone number, email, or whatever. I'm just told to continue filing my claim and that my account is under review. So I call today May 18th 2011 to check the status of my claim. They informed me a decision had been made on the 6th and I missed the 48 hr deadline to get back in contact with them. I emailed them on 10th before 12pm est. Never was I told that the lady was trying to get in contact with me or anything stated the lady stated that the account was under review. So they told me to file an appeal and it will take another 4-6 wks to review. My question is there anyway I can escalate this process or am I held liable for information not given when requested. Cause the same information the lady to me on the phone should have been given to me on the 10th correct? Please give me some feed back on what I should do next. I'm on the verge of eviction messing up my credit because of the state of Florida. Never been on unemployment, never been a person to take advantage of anything. Just times are and I'm trying to get back on my feet..Many Thanks in Advance Also this is the State of Florida as well

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    Unfortunately, there's no way to escallate the process. You're dealing with a big bureaucracy and there are thousands of Floridians who are out of work who are going through the same process. I'm afraid it just takes as long as it takes.

    By all means, file your appeal with the State right away - don't miss the deadline to do so. Then you're just going to have to wait until you receive notice in the mail when the hearing is scheduled. Sorry.


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      Thanks for the response...Just curious about the process staying positive at this point


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        Hang in there and keep filing your weekly UC claim. I suspect the State will award benefits and they'll give you a sizeable check for all the prior weeks of benefits due you.