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Completely stranded after being hired - what to do Texas

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  • Completely stranded after being hired - what to do Texas

    Well we are from Texas but right now stranded by an aviation contractor company in a motel in western oregon... My husband was hired 3 weeks ago for an aviation job in Seattle by a well known aviation contracting firm. we left last friday from South Texas to Seattle and were required to check in everyday ,, now 350 out of the 2500 miles away we drove , we have been contacted by the agency and have been told the job is off--- too bad . The agency is in Illinois . We are completely stranded . We do not have enough money to go back to Texas,, we will lose of course our Seattle apartment deposit and assorted fees not to mention the $1000 plus in gas we have had to use on the rent truck with all our belonings and our car on the back followed by our second car. The rent truck itself ,and well we cant go home. We hve now less than $1000 left .. I am really upset about this there anything that can be done .. I dont think this is right but not sure who to blame if anyone,, but I know our lives,, because of this ,, are pretty much ruined for a good while .. This is what my husband does and has done so for 25 years ,and they cant find another within 750 miles of here ,, I am going to other aviaion agencies that are used in the trade but we are in a mess because of this , What would any of you do in his shoes ..

    They said it wasnt our fault before they said goodbye
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    This sounds like a potential "detrimental reliance" claim. However that is the sort of thing that you will need a local attorney to handle, probably in WA state.
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      Agree, need to talk to an attorney re a possible "detrimental reliance" claim. Wa.
      does recognize "detrimental reliance" in regard to employment. Some states still don't.
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        Thank you all for replying ,, I had never heard of this before,, I will do it ,, I dont have enough money for us at this point to hardly eat and a room so I am going to have to wait until something happens and we have a home again...but you can be sure I am going to do this as soon as I can , I have saved all reciepts , Employment records to be there at a certain date etc .. etc .. terrible


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          I'm sorry this happened to your family. Perhaps you or your husband can pick up some temporary work through an agency to tide you over. Good luck.
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            Thanks Patty,
            We are all pretty worried not to mention my husband is from the Netherlands and he just cannot understand how this can happen , he is still getting used to it here.

            We also knew thisis the worst time of the year for his profession if you are changing locations/employers etc so we took a chance on a really good offer from a well respected company.