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Illinois unemployment

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  • Illinois unemployment

    My husband worked two jobs and was recently laid off from one and fired from the other. The one he was laid off from he worked for six years and was replaced for not fault of his own. The seconf job he worked for two years and was fired which was his fault. He was laid off from the six year job thirty days before he was fired from the two year job. I would like to know if he is eligible for unemployment from the six year job since he was not fired for anything he did. I know he is not eliglble for unemployment from the job he was fired from for his fault, but since he was employed still after being fired from the six year job does he still qualify.

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    He should definitely submit a UI claim if he has not already done so. We can't say whether he will definitely receive UI - that is the state's decision. He should though
    for being laid off. You can even get UI for being fired depending on the reason - state
    will look at reason, etc. & make a decision.
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