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Job Abandonment Accusation Kentucky

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  • Job Abandonment Accusation Kentucky

    I was an assistant manager at a local retail outlet. My child was sick on Monday and I was unable to come in to work. I call my manager and leave her a message over an hour before I was supposed to come in.

    That same night, I meet up with someone on craigslist (they come over to my house) and sell me an item for my child's christmas. Then an hour later the cops show up at my house and arrest me for receiving stolen property. I am in jail during part of my scheduled shift. A family member of mine text messages my manager and explains the situation to her over an hour before my scheduled shift. My manager acknowledges that I cannot come in and asks my family member to have me come in once I get out.

    I get out (4 hours after my shift began) and immediately get to work. My manager then tells me that I am suspended until further notice. I then, 2 hours later, am called by my district manager and am told that I have been terminated.

    am i entitled to ui benefits?

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    File and find out. However, being unavailable for work due to being in jail is a perfectly legal reason to terminate your employment. I would expect the employer to protest, though, not because they were not informed, but because you were not available for work.
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      Das ist in der Doktor!

      The state will ultimately decide if you get unemployment benefits but as you tell it, it’s a good likelihood that you will.
      All you can do is file and find out.
      Good luck.

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