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Michigan-Liquadated Damages Michigan

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  • Michigan-Liquadated Damages Michigan


    I have agreement with my employer from Michigan .
    I want to know how much it is valid and when exactly it will be over

    1. In the event you resign or your employment is terminated within two year from
    effective date of employment hereunder you agree to repay 25000$ as liquadted damages for recruitment , orientation etc

    2. The agreement comes into effect from date of joining or filing of petition whiever is earler.

    My question is when I can resign exactly.

    Does whole agreement and the part of liquadated damages have different context in terms of date.

    for example my

    joining date is 1/12/2010
    petition date is 12/1/2009

    So I can resign on 1/12/2012 or 12/1/2011


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    We cannot comment whether this agreement is actually a valid contract, nor whether or not it is enforceable when we have not read it in its entirety.

    You need to take it to a local employment attorney for complete advice.
    I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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      Agree, take it to an attorney. A lot of times the devil is in the details.
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