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Question on Work Search Waiver / Temp Layoff Wisconsin

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  • Question on Work Search Waiver / Temp Layoff Wisconsin


    Here is the scenario. A relative of mine was laid off from his company in Wisconsin several months ago. He was told at the time that in a couple months another job (of the same description) would be open and he could re-apply then.

    Based on that, this guy filed for unemployment right away and listed himself as "temporarily laid off" (meaning he got his weekly work search waived). He has been receiving unemployment checks for some time now.

    However, very recently he saw that this company has posted an ad for the job. As the company did not contact him about the position being re-listed, he is now concerned that he can no longer qualify for the work search waiver (i.e. is he no longer "temporarily" unemployed as it seems the company is not interested in calling him back to work??).

    What is the correct protocol in this type of situation? Does he need to contact Unemployment again and explain that he has seen this ad for his old job? Because of this job ad being posted, is he automatically considered permanently laid off?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Being able to "re-apply" is not the same as being recalled. He was, in fact, terminated, otherwise he wouldn't have had to apply again. I agree it may be a semantics thing, but them using the word re-apply should have been a big clue; employees on temporary lay-off don't have to re-apply.
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      Which means he was never entitled to the work search waiver.


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        Thanks for the replies. I've passed along the info (I thought myself that was what the answer was but I wanted to get input from a few other people). He has contacted Unemployment - we'll have to wait and see what the resolution is.

        Thanks again.


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          I expect they'll require him to start applying for jobs. Under WI UC reg's, the claimant must apply for two jobs/week for continued eligibility. (That said, all they require the claimant to do is to keep a list at home, using their form. It never has to be shown to the UC office unless they make a specific request to see it.)

          I also suggest your friend contact his former employer and apply for the position if it's still available.