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Leave of Absence Question Texas

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  • Leave of Absence Question Texas

    An employee requested a two week leave of absence in order to further his education. He has vacation days, which he assumed will be used for the first week while the rest of the leave will be unpaid. The leave was approved by the immediate supervisor and area supervisor, but upper management is expressing great disinterest in the leave because of the thought the employee will quit when he returns. The employee has no intention of quitting the company, he just wants to gain a formal education, which will allow him to volunteer on the weekends he is not working.

    What should the employee do if he is terminated before or upon his return from his leave? Would this be considered discrimination because other employees were allowed to work and go to school at the same time?

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    Honestly, I can understand the company's stance, to a point. The employee wants to take a week of unpaid leave so he can learn to do something that will allow him to volunteer. This only tangentially benefits the employer, if at all. If he has to have specific training in order to do a specific type of volunteer work, he either uses his vacation time to attend such training, or finds another way to get it.

    Being a student is not a protected characteristic, so such a termination would not be wrongful under the law.
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