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Retaliation Firing Michigan

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  • Retaliation Firing Michigan

    My daughter and I were both hired at a service station to work the store. I made a single complaint to the manager about an employee who refused to train me and chose to sit and eat candy the entire shift. That employee was given a verbal reprimand. Within a month I was fired, because the manager said that employee did not get along with me.

    My daughter, who had always worked shifts different than my own was also just fired. The reason given was this - she called that same employee up to the register to wait on a family member. The owner has a very clear rule that employees are NOT allowed to wait on family members. So technically, my daughter did nothing wrong. She was fired to get back at me.

    I get that Michigan is an 'at will' employment state, but if a specific reason is given for termination and that reason clashes with the owner's own rule, isn't that grounds for some sort of legal action?

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    No, it isn't. Employer rules and policies are not law. You have legal recourse only if a LAW was violated.
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      It may not have seemed fair to you but unfair does not always equal illegal. Sorry.
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