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Manager instructions gets employee fired

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  • Manager instructions gets employee fired

    Is it legal to fire a person for doing what their immediate supervisor told them to do? This has happened at my store and now several of us are fearful for our jobs because we have been told to do the same thing a co-worker was fired for! Luckily she had a witness and after she spent the night in jail the charges were dropped, but now she has no job and this manager is still employed. This happened in the state of Oregon. Any suggestions?

    This is a retail job and she was instructed to give a "good customer" a 20% discount on her purchase. They then went through all of her sales and determined that she was using coupons for customers that were not entitled. This again was under the direction of her supervisor. I has the same supervisor who has instructed me as well as other associates to do the same thing. Now I'm worried that they might come after me as well. They were calling it theft and she now is being asked to pay all of it back. She went to jail for 19 hours. After someone came forward as a witness to the fact that she was instructed to give the discount, the charges were dropped but she still owes the money back. I find it hard to believe that the would keep this supervisor, but then it might be an admission of guilt on the company's part if they were to fire him. She has an attorney now, but I'm stilled worried about any repercussions.
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    Legal, yes because no law prohibits it. Unfair? Maybe. Wait a minute, the supervisor instructed her to do something that landed her in jail? More information needed.
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      Yes you should tell us more. There is much more to this story and may be possible to sue in this case


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        What are you "all" being asked to do that could land you in jail?
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          Manager get employee fired

          added information requested


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            What state. Then specific law can be researched (if possible)


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              The poster said near the end of the first paragraph that the state is Oregon.
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                Thank you Patty. I am having a senior moment.

                This could help your lawyer go in the right direction.

                Oregon Statutes - Chapter 164 - Offenses Against Property - Section 164.035 - Defenses to theft.

                (1) In a prosecution for theft it is a defense that the defendant acted under an honest claim of right, in that:

                (a) The defendant was unaware that the property was that of another; or

                (b) The defendant reasonably believed that the defendant was entitled to the property involved or had a right to acquire or dispose of it as the defendant did.

                It was the belief of the sales force that the manager had the right to discount the companies property to the buyer.

                I found the information here.