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Previous employer saying I was fired

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  • Previous employer saying I was fired

    Recently I applied for a position with a new company this company uses the recruiting agency that I previously worked for years ago I just found out that the company told the new employer that I was fired from a previous job I was not fired I place my two weeks and on the last day of my two weeks they canceled my contract I fulfilled my obligation to them the manager was very upset that I was leaving and wanted me to stay he offered me more money but again I declined and in in spite he cancel my contract on the last day I don't feel I was fired as I completed just about my two weeks now 3 years later the recruiter remembered my name and told the new company I was fired making me look bad I have witnesses still to this day that know that I was not fired is there nothing I can do that I might lose this job and the potential salary increase because this person is in my opinion technically lying

    I don't see how a company can tell another company that someone was fired after they put in a two week notice I know the company has the right to fire someone during a total two week notice but that doesn't mean that they were fired they were leaving and being professional about giving a two week notice

    this is in ga

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    You are tilting at a windmill here. You cannot prove that you were not fired, and the employer has the right to their opinion, as do you. No matter how much time and effort you spend on this, you cannot force the employer to agree with your opinion. I have hired people who got less then stellar recommendations from a prior employer but I have never hired anyone who was incapable of letting the past go. Just saying. Try to figure out what your end game here is before you commit too much effort into it.
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      If you actually do lose the job, come back and we'll go through the exact details and circumstances. But until then, no, you do not have any damages at this time so there is no legal action you can take. You can't sue for something that hasn't happened and may not happen.