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Should I hire an agent?

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  • Should I hire an agent?

    Dear Binary,

    I guess the answer to whether or not you should hire a migration agent to
    assist you in preparing your application depends on whether or not you feel
    confirtable and confident with preparing it on your own.

    One of the benefits of hiring a migraiton agent is that they can manage the
    case for you throughout the entire process however there is a fee involved.

    I think it all starts and ends with one question. Do i feel that i know what
    i am doing.

    I hope that this advise helps.


    Limor Grinberg
    [email protected]

    "Binary Nomad" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected] om...
    Should I hire an agent? Or in other words, will I be making a huge mistake by trying to process the PR myself? I have already applied for the ACS Skills evaluation all by myself, and expect to hear from them in about 8 weeks. As soon as I hear from ACS, I plan to apply for the PR. Am I screwing up my chances by not hiring an agent? Just out of curiosity, how many folks in this group are using an agent, and how many are applying by themselves? Regards, Binary