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personal injury and insurance/medical databases

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  • personal injury and insurance/medical databases

    "rick++" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    Does pursuing a personal injury auto accident claim make it harder or more expensive to acquire automobile or medical insurance in the future? I read about black-listing of property insurance, and pre-existing
    for medical insurance, and cant help wondering is similar red-lining for personal injury. I realize I am already in such databases for having the economic parts of a claim paid out in auto accident, but can there worse consequence for hiring a PI lawyer?
    This one I can answer as this is my line work (insurance adjuster).

    Short answer: no

    1. Casualty Companies and Health and Accident Companies do not generally
    share the same data.
    2. Casualty Companies solicit medical information to evaluate the
    implications of an injury.
    3. Health Insurance Companies solicit medical information to evaluate the
    consequence of diseases.
    4. The new federal law on medical authorizations allows you to stipulate
    when granting a medical authorization what information can be gathered
    and who it can be shared with. You may also restrict it life (usually one

    I recommend that when you give the insurance company a medical authorization
    to gather information relating to your injury that you stipulate that it
    applies only to information relating to the injury resulting form the
    accident and that it can be used for evaluation and cannot be introduced in
    to evidence or released to other parties with out your prior consent.

    There are some exceptions to the above if you have a disease that may be
    aggravated by an accident or that may slow the healing process. In this case
    they need to know about it. Examples are diabetes and cancer.

    In the alternative you have the right to secure copies of the charts your
    self and then you can decide what information you will provide from the
    charts. This is slow and there are charges for photocopying that can become
    expensive, but it is the most secure way of controlling the release of the
    medical information.

    This is a generic answer because there may be different laws in the various
    states which may applicable.

    I handle claims in the Midwest.

    Coleman Smith

    licensed only to drive a car.