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Veteran Discrimination in Virginia? Virginia

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  • Veteran Discrimination in Virginia? Virginia

    About two weeks ago I was called into my directors office. He wanted to talk about two things. One was an incident where I made a comment about a boss at a previous employer. That was a careless bad joke on my part. I even went to my boss about 30 seconds after I said it and apologized. So I had no problem with this discussion and again apologized.

    But then the director said something that floored me. He said "some of your coworkers are concerned that, you know, because you're a veteran, that you might come shoot the place up." I was speechless. I'm a retired disabled veteran and that cut deep. I have seen and done some things in my service that still causes restless nights. Since his comments, I just am not comfortable working for him or with people who are scared of me.

    I dont know, maybe the shoot the place up comment is 'legal', but saying I would do it because I'm a veteran? I am very positive if he said "because you are black" (I'm not) it would be racial discrimination. Is this discrimination? If so, besides leaving, what should I do? Thanks.

    Veteran in Virginia

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    Thank you for your service to this country.

    A single comment is not generally going to be sufficient to support a claim of discrimination, nor does it appear that you have suffered any damages as a result of it. Make a note of it in case there is other commentary in future and move on.

    And yes, this is exactly the same thing I would say to you if you were black.
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