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Illegal Government Surveillance in Federal Trust Position Illinois Illinois Indiana

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  • Illegal Government Surveillance in Federal Trust Position Illinois Illinois Indiana

    I am asking for someone to comment on this situation, in which I filed an EEO complaint as a person with several medical conditions covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. My supervisor, an African-American woman, has engaged in relentless and increasingly ugly harassment in the workplace (Federal law enforcement) that included her launching huge files at me and threatening me with being written up for contrivances. She is infamous in our Chicago operation as an EEOC queen, having filed her way to her current position by means of throwing down the color card, as her chosen victims in her cases are always white, as I am. Race and gender do play a role in my deposition, but just this week our NTEU (union) brought an unwarranted investigation to my attention. Because I had asked her to cease and desist her behaviors that were creating and maintaining a hostile work environment, she called our Internal Affairs as part of her personal vendetta. My specific question: if she used government resources to have an investigation done in full knowledge that I had already filed an EEOC, is this not actionable as retaliation? And is it not also actionable as a criminal abuse of government resources for a personal end? I am in the process of discovering how many of my neighbors (I live in the adjoining state of Indiana) were harassed by Internal Affairs goons in pursuit of derogatory information to be put into the claim, which was later dropped, and if this is itself not an actionable criminal violation to be pursued in my state? NTEU is pursuing a grievance as the procedures she employed were so patently illegal that the terms of the union contract were violated. I wish to pursue my own civil and/or criminal grievance. Anything someone could tell me to clarify this mess would be greatly appreciated.

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    Criminal law does not enter the picture here. Her conduct is only in violation of EEOC regs if it is because of you race, gender, or because you actually filed a EEO claim. If she is just a horrible manager, that isn't illegal.

    I gather you are public sector, union, or both. In that case, your union contract or municipal regulations control. If she violating these, your remedy with through the union/procedure outlined in the regulations. Having internal affairs look into your conduct may or may not have been appropriate. It depends on her reason why and what if anything they found/what harm you suffered. If you did something wrong and got caught, she was doing her job. If the looked into it, saw there was no merit and dropped the case, you haven't suffered any damages. In any case, your internal rules and policies about internal affairs would govern.
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