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When is it a "hostile work environment"? Ohio

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  • When is it a "hostile work environment"? Ohio

    I work for a new car dealership. I of course am the only female salesperson, and of course do know that Ohio is a "willingness to work State". However, the unbelievable behavior that I am subject to has become almost insane. My manager will rant, rave, beat his fists on the desk, and scream at me in the showroom in front of customers & co-workers. His last "episode" with me included him demanding that I get the milage of a trade-in (that wasnt mine)for him. When I got the milage I was in the office and discovered that is was the office manager who needed it. So I gave it to her while I was there. When I came back to my desk he asked for it, and I told him that I already gave it to her, his reaction was Explosive.. He screamed "When I tell you do something for me, than you F*****G do it for me. I didnt tell you to give her the "F*****G milage, I told you to get it for me. He then pounded his fists on his desk and said "stupid f*****g woman". (all of this in front of customers & co-workers) He got up from the "tower" and pushed the door open so hard he almost broke it. When I went to the general manager of the dealership I was told that I had to take whatever was dished out, or I could leave. I was also told that if he had to chose between the manager & me he would choose the manager. So I was to take what he gave me & smile about it. Later that day the manager got stupid with me again in the showroom while the general manager was sitting beside him, when I looked up the gm looked at me, put his finger in his cheek twisted it, and he said dont forget what we discussed earlier, you have to smile & take it.

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    A hostile work environment exists when, and only when, you are being subjected to either sexual harassment or illegal discrimination/harassment under title VII and related laws (race, religion, national origin etc.)

    How does he treat the other employees?
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Oh...he hates women...

      The only other time I saw or heard of him getting short with a male salesperson the gm made him apologize. He directs all anger at me. If a male salesperson ticks him off...he takes it out on me. The day that happened a customer came over to me afterwards and gave me his name & number and told me that if I ever did anything about the way he treated me that he would be more than happy to testify. (that was the second time that, that customer had seen him treat me that way.


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        If you, as the only female salesperson, are the only one being treated negatively then you may have a claim for gender discrimination. You can contact the EEOC or the state human rights commission - you may want to talk to an employment attorney first but it's not required that you do so.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          hostile work enviornment and retaliation

          I was released of my position tonight out of retaliation from my manager.
          I will explain briefly, He approached me two weeks advising me that a possible employee, Curtis Quick had failed a drug screening, they rescheduled it for him, and he failed to show and now they could not reach him. After breeching confidentiality, and stating that the big joke between the managers was that the gentleman's name suited him..Curtis Quick..because he was quick to leave.. he demanded that I move to the position that Curtis was supposed to fulfill.
          I am in school, and I have underage children at home. My youngest is seven, and I have to see him off to school in the mornings. As well, my courses are accelerated and take up a good portion of my day. I asked him if I would be released if I was not able to meet his demands. He refused to answer my question, even with repeated attempts. stating only that ," we will cross that bridge if it comes to that,"leaving me with the feeling of being backed into a corner, and harassed for a response that I had to give within a 72 hour time frame.
          Since he would not respond, and kept pressuring me with his demands, I contacted the Director of Human Relations at my place of employment, and advised him that I felt threatened and that he was promoting a hostile work environment. The director assured me I would not be released. However, upon my arrival at work tonight, the manager did exactly that.
          Is there anyone I can contact, or do you have any suggestions on where I should go from here.
          Thank you for your time,


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            OP has started their own new thread - do not reply here; thanks.
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