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Discrimination Quickie Lesson

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  • Discrimination Quickie Lesson

    For posters who think they have been “discriminated against,” you need to know that some discrimination is legal and acceptable, and some is illegal.

    I the past 30-40 years, the word “discrimination” started to be used primarily to refer to racial discrimination, but you need to remember the real meaning of the word.

    Webster’s dictionary:
    Discrimination= The process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently.
    Discriminating= Making a distinction

    If you choose a Whopper over a Big Mac, you are discriminating.
    If you choose a Ford over a Honda, you are discriminating.
    If you like to hang out with people who like to bowl over people who like tennis, you are discriminating.

    In the workplace, if you are treated differently based on your race, religion, sex, age, disability, etc, then this is illegal discrimination. But a lot of workplace “discrimination” is perfectly fine. There is no law that says every employee must be treated in exactly the same way.

    It’s okay to treat a good worker in a nicer way than you treat a bad worker.
    It’s okay to give rewards or preference to an employee who has great attendance over someone who has poor attendance.
    It’s okay to favor an employee who is a diplomatic, professional, team player over an employee who complains a lot and stirs up trouble.
    It’s okay to give some type of preference to an employee who has been around a long time over a newcomer. But it is also okay to give some type of preference to a newer employee who out-performs employees who have been with you a long time.
    It’s okay for a boss to treat managers and line staff differently.

    This is all discrimination, and it’s all legal. In most cases, it’s not only acceptable, but preferable to “discriminate” in this manner.

    Anyway, some thoughts for a Friday afternoon...
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