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3 people, 3 different bosses, one office

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  • 3 people, 3 different bosses, one office

    1.My boss has repeatedly told me I make 2 levels higher pay than the other 2 co-workers in the office. He tells me this when this is an office issue that arises.
    2.Each of us also report to a different boss in this little office. On person works 4 ten hour days, and myself and the other employee work 5 eight hour days.
    3. We are all classified as salary or salary non-exempt.
    4. One person in the office does not put in her 40 hours per week, and is getting paid for 40. It has been discussed with management, but management refuses to do anything about it.

    Any suggestions for the above issues???

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    Difference in Pay

    This difference in practice is not illegal unless people are being treated differently because of age, disability, national origin, pregnancy status, race, religion or gender, or in retaliation for filing a claim on legally protected rights. If there isn't discrimination, there isn't any legal basis to make a complaint. If the management refuses to do anything about the disparate treatment and there isn't any discrimination, you can't do anything.

    However, if the management refuses to talk with you and your coworkers about the difference in treatment, it may be a violation of the National labor Relations Act. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

    Forum Moderator