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Concern of my view of woman

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  • Concern of my view of woman

    My boss wrote me up on a final warning. That there is valid concern on my view of woman. Which states about complaints that I would rather deal with a man than a woman. I was totally caught off guard, an being told not to talk to men, and to change my perception.

    Can HR sit me down and force me to sign such unfounded charges?

    Is'nt just writtng this kind of charge, volate EEOC, I mean would'nt the EEO C have intrest in protecting the credibality and abuse of their laws?

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    My guess is that the EEOC is not involved at this point. It sounds like this action was as a result of an internal investigation. They can't force you to sign a document where you may admit to a charge. What they can do is to try to get you to sign a statement where you acknowledge you were told about the matter. If you refuse to sign (which you can do), they can get someone to witness that you were told but you refused to sign it.

    My recommendation is that you sign it with a note saying that you refute the contents of the document. Also note that you will submit a letter providing additional information which will hel refute the matter at a later date.

    You say that there is a "valid concern". I assume that the comment is a quote from your employer, rather than you admitting a reason for a concern.

    If you have made comments which could have been misconstrued, you make wish to be careful of such comments in the future. If you didn't, then you should write a letter explaining what they said isn't true.

    Employers have to be very careful in ensuring that there isn't any perception of discrimination in the workplace. They must also be careful not to jump to conclusions and wrongfully make accusations that are not valid.

    In any case, let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

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      Yeah they should protect wrongly accusing people, on behalf of these laws. I would almost invite the EEOC in on this issue.

      But you have got to be kidding sign this document and attach a note. What then, a few months later, bring me in on a worse charge,,,, "there have been some complaints about you being a ?????? " Please sign again with your note of protest.

      Think I should pay consultation ? Anythiught on how I shiould pick someone

      I appreciate your feedback. I have been in this industry for 15 years, this accusation is the first, and for ever being written up too.


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        Your signature does not indicate agreement, unless it is a settlement agreement. Keep in mind that if it is a counseling document (for the files), they can make a note that you were told of it and it will still be valid, assuming that it is properly witnessed. By not refuting the matter, it is similar to politicians saying, "no comment". That "no comment" statement is often assumed to mean that there is some knowledge and/or hand in the matter.

        If you feel that you have been wrongfully accused, you should hire an attorney to assist you. You will want to ensure that the record is straight, so that you don't run into the problem you described.

        Good luck.
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