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because I was not a man?

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  • because I was not a man?

    I was employed in South Dakota for a national restaurant chain. My general manager came up to me and asked me if I would like to go to Sioux City Ia to be a manager. Since I had family in Sioux City, I said yes. I went through all of the applicant testing and scored very highly. I then was interviewed by the District Manager and told that since they had 3 female managers at the Sioux City Ia restaurant, that they had to hire a male manager.(other restaurants have had all male or female managers in the past) He then placed me in Lincoln, NE as a manager. I was told that I would be sent back to Sioux Falls SD or Sioux City, Ia very soon, probably within six months to be back closer to family. I did find out that a Sioux Falls female manager had resigned and they had internally promoted a male employee to take her place, This was one of the positions that I was promised. My reviews were always extremly good in Lincoln, NE at my position and I improved the Customer Satisfation considerably. I had to put up with quite a bit of harrassment from my General manager due to my age while I was in Lincoln. I decided to look for different employment. I found it and have since resigned and returned to Sioux Fallls, SD. Please let me know if this was indeed discrimination. The Restaurant chain is based in Florida? Needless to say, this does not fit under just one state law.
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    Though your situation occurred in several state, federal law still applies. You can read more about federal discrimination laws at

    If you feel that you are the victim of discrimination, I encourage you to file a complaint against your former employer. Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

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