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Exempt Employee - Needs to leave at a certain time California

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  • Exempt Employee - Needs to leave at a certain time California

    Hello All,

    I had an exempt employee inform me today that for the next three months she will need to leave promptly at 5:15 pm for doctors appointments/treatments for a health issue. Our normal business day runs 8 am to 5 pm so this wouldn't fall under a time that she would be required to submit a PTO request. She just wanted me to know, since she often stays late to finish up work.

    Do I need to get any type of documentation for this? I am inclined to think not, since she isn't asking for time off. I just want to make sure I am considering all angles.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

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    I am not seeing any need in your current example as to why you should document this. However in case of issues in the future, you may want to document this. I am thinking that if her performance needs improving (or any other disciplinary reason or a layoff etc) she might try to claim discrimination due to you knowing about her needing some treatment.

    So I am thinking an email to her which reiterates what she told you and that you appreciate her mentioning it but since the workday ends at 5pm there is no problem. This way you have proof of when you first knew and what you were told.


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      Thank you. That is a good point. I will follow up with some kind of acknowledgement in writing.