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PFL and FMLA time after SDI claim ends in California

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  • PFL and FMLA time after SDI claim ends in California

    I am creating flow charts for my work to better administer disability claims and understand our voluntary plan. One point a few of us are disagreeing about is PFL and FMLA time.

    After an employee's disability claim has ended, let's say 2 weeks FMLA time remain. If the ee chooses to go for 6 weeks PFL time, does the FMLA run concurrently, or are there still 2 weeks FMLA time remaining after PFL is exhausted?

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    PFL, like SDI, is wage replacement, not leave entitlement. FMLA, PDL, and CFRA are leave entitlements and will run concurrently with SDI and PFL. So for an employee that takes 4 weeks off prior to the birth and is then released from disability 6 weeks after the birth (which is the typical scenario), that employee will have used 10 weeks of PDL and FMLA (collecting SDI during this time) and is then entitled to 12 weeks of CFRA bonding time (collecting 6 wks of PFL during this time). There is a two week overlap where FMLA and CFRA will run concurrently during the bonding time.