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Cancellation of spousal health insurance coverage Arkansas Arizona

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  • Cancellation of spousal health insurance coverage Arkansas Arizona

    I was covered under my husband's health insurance through his employer who is based in California. We live and work in Arizona. He provided a request for cancellation of my coverage to his supervisor on 3/30/11. She faxed it to the HR department the same day and also mailed in the originals. The HR department did not process his request until 4/6/11. They stated that the cancellation is not effective until 5/1/11 (as they did not revieve the mailed form and process it until 4/6/11) and that he has to pay the monthly premium for the month of April. According to the insurer this is not accurate, and the cancellation could have been effective 4/1/11. The HR department is now stating that there is a law that states the premium for my coverage has to be paid because the employer pays a portion of his premium. Is this accurate?

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    Is the employee deduction pre-tax?
    What was the reason for cancellation of your coverage?
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      The deduction for my coverage through his employer is pre-tax. The coverage was cancelled as I became covered under my employer's health insurance effective 4/1/11. If it matters, my employer pays a portion of my insurance and I pay the difference pre-tax. Same situation for my spouse's coverage through his employer.


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        I can tell you in my state (TX) if we as the employer (small group plan NOT self insured) do not cancel by a specific day, then we must pay the whole month's premium. It is up to us as to how we recover it. I suspect CA is the same, but don't have a direct link. I found one county that stated: ' Changes deleting participants must take effect on the day we receive your request (we do not allow retroactive termination of coverage). ' And if cancellations are only allowed at the beginning of the month, then the fact that they received it on 4/6 means that you would be covered until 5/1.

        When changing coverages often there is an overlap because of the time it takes to cancel. While it stinks financially to double cover for a month, turning the paperwork in on the 30th is not a lot of time for the company to be able to process it that quickly -- especially if they have to wait for the mail (and the original) to do so. Does HR put out any type of calendar on benefit/payroll change requests? You might have him ask HR for an SPD (summary plan description) for the medical plan -- which he should have received when he signed up originally and then thereafter around benefit enrollment time. There is a chance it might also be in there.