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  • Need Some Advise California

    My sister had a "stressful" breakdown, ended up at the hospital for 2 days. She wants to remain in her company because she's worked there for 6 years, but doesn't want to continue to work in management. Her stress is directly related to her work. she's moving back home (8h hours away) and wants a transfer of place and position, basically go back to being a graphic designer rather than a department manager? what should she do?

    ask for an FMLA leave for 12 weeks?

    ask for a transfer and wait for an opening?

    tell HR exactly what happened?

    she wants to protect he career and reputation with her company, but at the same time take some time to relieve the stress... and keep working for the same company.

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    Does she NEED to be off that long? Would a doctor certify that?
    FMLA is not for moving, no matter how much good that would do her.
    She can ask for a transfer; the employer doesn't have to grant it.
    Although I'm not unsympathetic to work-related stress, I've never seen a case yet where it's ALL related to work; there are normally non-work factors.

    Now, having said all this, if she is a valued employee, she should speak to HR about her desire to stay with the company, but due to personal issues, she has decided to move to XX city and would be interested in a transfer to that city in YY position, if one would be available.
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