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Switching from UI to SDI (State Disability Insurance), California

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  • Switching from UI to SDI (State Disability Insurance), California

    My husband was fired from work in February 2009 and applied for UI. Because it was not a lay-off, he will have an interview with EDD to determine his eligibility. He was looking for work for 2 weeks and filled out a continuous claim form for UI benefits. However, he had a surgery in March 2009 (3 weeks after he applied to UI). He plans to claim SDI.

    What is the best strategy?
    1)Should he cancel his UI ( he has not received any benefits yet)? OR
    2)If he does not cancel his UI, can he switch from UI to SDI? He is looking into another round of chemo and a second surgery in probably 3 months.
    3)Can he resume his UI after his disability ends and he will be able to look for work?
    Thank you for your help.

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    Don't cancel UI--they will retroactively apply benefits to the first day he was eligible. (There is a one week waiting period.)

    Yes, he can switch from UI to SDI--he just needs to provide the medical certifcation.

    Yes, after he is medically cleared to return to work, his UI will start back up again. They should not apply a second waiting period. Make sure you call them if they do.

    Best of luck to you and your husband...