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Short Term Disability Continuation Denied Virginia

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  • Short Term Disability Continuation Denied Virginia

    I have serious lower back pain and had major fusion surgery several yrs ago but still have a great deal of pain. Dr. says I should have another surgery but it would leave me unable to bend -- i.e., problems with dressing myself, personal hygene, getting in and out of the car etc. Meanwhile, I cannot sleep through the night without a lot of pain, have very few outside activities and virtually no social life because of pain and exhaustion. I have to actually PLAN when to shop for groceries, when to go to the bank/dry cleaners, etc. because most of these activities tire me and cause pain. My life is a mess! Yet, the insurance company is denying continuance of my disability due to lack of "documentation as to why I cannot return to work"! I'm at a loss as to why they allowed my original STD which expired the end of December 2008, but are now denying the claim. My doctor has sent the ins. company a summation of my condition and his recommendation for further surgery -- WHAT MORE could the ins. company need? Do I need to hire a lawyer (which I cannot afford)? Does anyone have suggestions for me? Thanks!

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    I assume you were going from STD to LTD. Can you appeal the denial? It wouldn't hurt to talk to an attorney. You can usually get a referral to a no cost/low cost attorney from your local legal aid society or United Way.
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