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job loss due to pregnancy?

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  • job loss due to pregnancy?

    I work for cintas a huge company, but I am still confused because all the people that have problems, don't have to worry about absenteeism because they have been there long enough to get fmla. I have only been there since January, the majority of days I have missed were due to dizziness in the mornings, due to my pregnancy. The company absent ism policy doesn't excuse absences with a doctors note. So what do I do?
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    As a person who does not qualify for FMLA (or, I assume, any state rights that may exist in your state), you don't have a recourse.

    However, please note, if others who, like you, do not qualify for FMLA, are calling in sick and they are not receiving the same disciplinary actions, you could be protected by federal laws protecting pregnant women. These rights do not entitle you to time off. They just protect a pregnant women from being treated differently than other employees who are not pregnant; in your case, persons who have the same length of service.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

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