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Unsupervised Probation

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  • Unsupervised Probation

    I was just recently (and pretty blindly) put on 1 year Unsupervised Probation for a Misdominor that was dropped from a 1st degree felony here in Texas. I have never been in any trouble, and don't plan on getting in any more.

    My question is, I was recently told that I am unable to go and visit a friend of mine in jail because i am on probation. Is this true?

    Also, am I unable to leave the county I live and work in until my probabtion is over (i.e. - for vacation, to visit relatives, etc.) ?

    I tried to not only call, but also visit the courthose where the probation office is at. Each phone call and the one visit I made I was told that since I was "Unsupervised" they can't help me or direct me where to go. I am now at a stand still as to what to do, and Christmas is fast approaching.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Did you have an attorney represent you when you were charged? If so, you should speak to them (or the p.o.) since probation orders are different.


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      I did have an attorney. I have been unable to get ahold of him for weeks. I guess once my case was finished he was finished speaking with me.

      All my paperwork stated was that i live in one county and work in another. It said nothing about not being able to leave the county/state/country. Is a person on Supervised Probation told whether he can or cannot leave the area? Or is it according to his PO?

      What should be my next course of action?


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        All privileges and terms of the order will be stated in the issued paperwork. You should try calling your probation officer again. If you are unable to reach them, call their supervisor or a different probation officer and tell them that your question is urgent.


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          I was never assigned a Probation Officer. I went to the Probation Office immediately following my sentencing, and I was told that since I was given Unsupervised Probation I'm just supposed to "not get in any trouble", but I have no one to speak with on a regular basis, as no one is assigned my case.

          I guess my only course of action is to continue to call the Probation Office, and try and speak with higher persons. I just don't want to make anyone upset, and they screw me over and get my Unsupervised taken away or something to that nature!

          I tried to rely on the system in the first place thinking, since i'm innocent i'll be found innocent. Wrong. When people lie under oath it screws with your truth. Now my perfectly good, clean record is tarnished. What a shame.

          I think I would rather hide under my bed through this holiday season rather than risk a potential "probation violation" that I wouldn't even be aware that I was making in the first place!