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Iowa Law on an Expunged Case by the State Court

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  • Iowa Law on an Expunged Case by the State Court

    I reside in Iowa and have a job offer with a large bank in Des Moines. A fingerprint-based background check was completed. There is a felony on the FBI Fingerprint report from 1994 where I received a deferred judgement. The State of Iowa in/for Linn County expunged the case in 1998. I have a letter from the Linn County Sheriff's Office documenting that the case was expunged. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation maintains the arrest record and sent the record to the FBI.

    There was a thread on this site with a post from an attorney that the arrest could be expunged, however, the DCI has stated that the arrest will NEVER be expunged therefore it will always remain on the FBI file. If anyone is qualified to speak definitively on this issue I would appreciate the feedback. Also, the background check company, First Advantage, has refused the letter documenting the expunged case. Is there legal grounds for refusing this documentation. I know that ADP will accept a letter of this type from an applicant. Thank you!