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DUI and MIC in Arizona

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  • DUI and MIC in Arizona

    I had a previous DUI from over a year ago. Just a few nights ago I was pulled out of bed by an officer and given an Minor in consumption.

    I'm wonder what I'm looking at? Can anyone tell me what to expect?

    I'm wondering since it wasnt a traffic violation..will they still suspend my license? Am I looking at jail time?

    (with the DUI i got 90 day suspension of my license, 2 days jail and $1600 fine, as well as 40 hours alchohol/drug counseling)

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    Also does it matter that they dropped the breathalizer twice before breathalizing me. from about chest high to the ground. They also spent atleast 20 minutes trying to figure out why it wasnt working properly.

    This doesnt deny the fact that i was in possesion of alchohol and i am 20. But i feel that it could have given a bad reading. I blew a .106 (my girlfriend who had more to drink blew a .006). Since this law covers both consumption and posession, I dont think ruling out the breathalizer would help me that much. Just curious.


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      If dropping it broke the comparison-sample vial, it could read way high.

      I question the arrest out of your bed. How were they able to determine that you had alcohol without violating your 4th amendment rights?

      You are not a minor in other areas of the law if you are over 18.
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