A conservative Law Professor substantially misrepresents his military
service: including branch, specialty, decorations, rank, military
combat, dates, and length of service. He wore his ill-gotten Silver
Star on his lapel, and drove a vehicle with major's insignia on his
plates, despite being a second lieutenant.

'Indy Star' Columnist Admits She Was Hoodwinked By Prof

By E&P Staff

Published: December 04, 2005 4:15 PM ET

NEW YORK The story seemed too good to be true and, as often the case,
it wasn't. And longtime Indianapolis Star columnist Ruth Holladay, who
has been at the paper since 1978, admitted today that the whole thing
made her look pretty bad.

It all began back on June 26 when Holladay promoted the claim of
William Bradford that a faculty committee at the Indiana University
School of Law had voted against him for tenure. Bradford declared that
two liberal professors who disliked him--because he was an Army
veteran and supported the Iraq war--had led the charge.

"He fought in Desert Storm and Bosnia-Herzegovina, served as a major
in the U.S. Army Special Forces and received the Silver Star,"
Holladay wrote then. "Now the 39-year-old legal scholar is engaged in
a battle on the home front -- political correctness in academia."

Bradford even wore his Silver Star around campus. On the law school's
Web site and its Viewbook, Bradford's profile said he was in the Army
infantry from 1990 to 2001.

He promoted himself on radio interviews and on Bill O'Reilly's Fox TV
show. He was a poster boy for liberal bias and control on campus.
"David Horowitz, a champion for conservatives, took up his cause,"
Holladay wrote today.

Now Bradford has resigned at the university, effective Jan. 1.

The unraveling began after Holladay was contacted by retired Army Lt.
Col. Keith R. Donnelly, a Gulf War veteran who was suspicious of
Bradford's record and awards. Holladay and Donnelly both requested
Bradford's service record from the Army. It showed that he was in the
Army Reserve from Sept. 30, 1995, to Oct 23, 2001, with no active duty
or awards.

Bradford started backtracking all autumn, and finally resigned.

But his profile at the university's web site still reads: "William C.
Bradford joined the faculty in the fall of 2002 after serving from
1994 to 2001 in the U.S. Army infantry. Professor Bradford also served
at the War Gaming and Simulation Center, National Defense University,
Fort McNair, Virginia, and was an advisor to Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff Shalikashvili."

In her column today, Holladay noted that an academic friend of
Bradford's "confirmed what others in academia have told me:
Universities don't check every detail in resumes. 'I don't think that
anyone comes off looking very good in this,' he said."

Holladay added: "That includes me."

"John Murtha was a decorated, 37-year veteran. Jean Schmidt, I'm
guessing -- judging from her outfit -- was a 1970s gymnast." -- Tina Fey