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Marijuana pocession by minor, 3rd offense Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

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  • Marijuana pocession by minor, 3rd offense Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

    My brother was just recently convicted of a 3rd offense of pocession of marijuana.

    1st offense - no verdict probation
    2nd offense - failed drug testing on prohbation, formally charged
    3rd offense- poccession, use , and paraphonalia while on prohbation

    he is 17 and 11 months old. What are the general sentencing of this type of crime given the circumstances.

    Thanks so much for you help

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    He should have learned his lesson the 1st and second time...


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      I'm not sure about pennsylvania, but I will tell you this, in many states if you get the same misdemeanor 3 times in the same year, then it will be a felony charge on the third offense.

      If he doesn't want to get arrested. tell him that once he's off probation to move to Massachusetts, because its only a civil offense here with at the most a 100$ fine.


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        aaron, please do not reply to old threads - thanks.
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