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Injunction Against Harassment What Good Was It?

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  • Injunction Against Harassment What Good Was It?


    I went infront of a judge and received an injunction of harassment. This person is calling me and harassing me and has even threatened me on several occassions and INFRONT OF 2 POLICE OFFICERS.

    The same useless detective who was on my case told the people at the police department that when I call in I have to make a report. Then what good is having this injunction of harassment in the first place?

    It seams as tho it's a useless piece of paper and it was a waste of my time.

    Then after I called maybe 6 to 8 times, i'm told i need to call the detective and or his boss the sargent. Please, i may be dead before this guy gets picked up. Can anyone believe this?
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    Yes I know. But I'm not calling these people. I do not want anything at all to do with these people. But I guess what has helped me and prove what I had been saying all along is because I had 2 officers here at the time 2 of the calls came in. YA FINALLY. MAYBE A LITTLE JUSTICE FOR ME YA YA YA.
    Sorry, I got a little excited there anyway yes there were 2 officers here taking a report and while they were here yes I had received a call and it was a threatening call. Then they called back and 1 of the officers answered and the person asked for me and the officer said she's not available can I tell her who's calling? and then they said some made up name and I told the officer that I do not know anyone with that name and when the officer told him that I do not know anyone with that name and the officer identified himself and that he was with what police department click. the person hung up the phone. Still since they were blocking the phone number we could'nt really prove who it was until 2:30 that morning I received another call and guess what, they were either to drunk or drugged up to remember to block the phone number and sure enough the phone number came thru. So finally, they are messing up. In the mean time I changed my cell phone number I just hope they do not remember my house phone number but I have a block on that so they had probably tired but did not want to unblock there phone number........ha ha ha...... life is good life is getting better..... life is good life is getting better......