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Neighbors harassing me with any means possible

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  • Neighbors harassing me with any means possible

    I'm a resident of Columbus, Ohio, I own a condo, about a year ago a neighbor I had previously been on good terms with started getting out of control. First, the neighbor actually lives across a 20ft, green space and a condo unit away. It started with my nieghbor making a comment when I was putting my trash out at about 12pm, I'd just gotten home from my job at a restaurant and my neighbor came out to do the same, making the comment "Oh home late again, make your dog shut up, I have a new baby." My dog had yipped once to be let in shortly before I took the trash out. At the beginning of September last year I arrived home from work at 10:15 pm from the same job, my dog was sleeping in the garage on cool days with a fan because she had outgrown her pen and I didn't have the $120 to buy her a new one and even if I did I felt bad locking her up in a small space for hours on end. When I opened the door to take her up to bed she was gone. I went outside ready to hunt the neighborhood not able to figure how she got out to begin with and found a note from the neighbor stating that they had taken her and that she was in her poop and pee and that she had spots all over her tummy. In fact she did have spots she had developed a staff infection from a recent stay in a kennel and was being treated by out vet for the infection. I went over and knocked on there door waking them up and demanding my dog back, they admitted they had removed the screen and pulled her through the window by her collar, my brother had installed a nail in the window sill to prevent break ins, the window only open 8 inches, a tight sqeeze for a fat basset hound. I now realize I should have called the police for the break in and theft. Since then the ASPCA has been called twice with claims that my dog was being kept in the garage, I was told by one agent I couldn't do this, but another agent said as long as their was proper ventilation and cooling that is was more fair to the dog then a small pen. The ASPCA has to show up to every call, the first time the dog was in the garage but I removed her because of the first agents recomendations, the second call was made when the dog was not even out there anymore, an unvalidated complaint. My next door neighbor questioned me on the ASPCA showing up to my house, this was very embarassing and certainly slanderous to my reputation. The ASPCA claims that the call have been made anonymously and refuse to give me any information on the caller. Today someone, I can only assume the same neighbor filed a complaint with the condo association saying I leave my dgos unattended outside on my deck, that they bark all day and all night. My dogs certainly bark at the rabbits and dogs walking by, that is afterall what dogs do, but they most certainly are not left outside unattended and certainly don't bar through the night as I wouldn't be able to sleep if they did. The only neighbor who would possibly be able to here my dogs in their pens in the basement during the day is the neighbor I share a common wall with and I'm on talking terms with them and they voice any concerns they have anytime regardless of the nature. This neighbor has a dog that barks all day, the neighbor that shares a yard with me and a common wall with them complains constently but isn't the type to call the ASPCA or condo association. The complaining neighbors have made comments to my next door neighbor about my late arrivals home and my "sinful" lifestyle. I work at a bar now and do frequently arrive home late, sometimes as late as 3am, but this is obviously none of their business. I've been waiting for them to move, but it's not happening. What can I do, they took my dog, have used state agencies to harass me, and now they're using our community association to harass me. I only have personal proof of the first action, the ASPCA can't/won't tell me who, and the condo association is now going to record a name if someone calls again, but this is out of control. What can I legally do about this harassment? I have the right to own dogs, I have the right to live where I live, dogs will bark but the noise ordinance in the city only applies to after sunset, I feel like they're trying to drive me out of the neighborhood or to get rid of my dogs anyway they can, even my parents are starting to suggest I get rid of my dogs and they live two hours away. HELP!!!!!

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    You need to move. And maybe you should consider threatening legal action against your neighbor for harassment, illegal entry into your home, and making a false report and damages for the loss of your dog, and maybe follow thru against the neighbor and the association. You just have some nosey bodies and it may be you need to take a stand. If you are going to have neighbors like this, you are in the wrong area. Put your home up for sale or for rent, but I think you need a home with a yard in an area of folks who are normal and probably working class.


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      i feel your pain My husband & myself bought our home 1 ˝ years ago. Shortly after we moved in our neighbor started calling the cops on us for everything. She would call the cops when we had 1 friend over stating that we were having a wild party etc etc. About 2 weeks ago My husband ,myself ,my brother & a friend where in my front yard talking she called the cops again stating we were having a "wild"party 3 cop cars came, after they left we went in to our house not even 10 minutes later the cops were back stating that my Husband & brother were threatening to harm her & her dog through her bedroom window (needless to say we would have to go in her back yard to get to her window) My husband & brother were both arrested & she got a restraining order, yesterday my car was parked in front of her house she called the cops stating she felt threatened & the cops arrested my brother (why I do not know it is not his car) She has also called the building inspector, the dog warden on us. This is cause me my husband & my kids a lot of stress I cant even let my kids play outside in fear she will call the cops


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        File a report with the police, be proactive not reactive. Say your offended that the police are taking everything that this woman is saying for truth. Ask if the police have any proof of the supposed harassment? Go to the police and mention the inconvience it's causing you, and your own fears of harassment. Your tax dollars are being used each time she calls the police. You also have the right to ask the courts for an arbitrator, this is a courtroom setting where you and your neighbor get to vent issues and come up with a possible solution. Her issue may be race, class, age, child, or animal related and if the courts recognize her as the antagonist the restraining order can be lifted and exponged from their records and the police will take her calls with a grain of salt. Small town living I assume?


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          Alot easier said then done... When ever the police come to my house I ask them what we can do they say we can do anything.. When my husband & both went in front of the Judge they told the Judge about this stuff,the Judge (a total idiot) ingnored them. I am wanting to take civil action but cant find the info on how to get started


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            Honestly I would be sneaky. Borrow a video camera from a friend. Video tape something you know will antagonize her enough to call the police, your kids out in the yard, a friends car park halfway between your house and her, record until the police show up, show them the video tape, ask for detailed copies of the police reports of what you're supposedly doing wrong. The go to the police station (proactive) talk to someone whose familiar with the situation, or a commanding officer who isn't. Explain your concerns, be rational, write down your points so you don't get flustered and angry and raise your voice as I'm sure you really want to do. Go to the courthouse and locate civil lawsuits, it'll prolly cost you 20-100 to file, figure out how much you think this has cost your family, emotionally, lost work, etc.... Have a figure in mind, fill out the paperwork and bring it back. If you have a law school or university near you sometimes students will take on work to learn and gain experience.


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              nieghbor harassment

              i have been bothered with this nieghbor from she has been calling the dog warden everyday....and have been using city officials to harass me ..once they found out that this was going on...that stopped now she is calling the police i need some help on what type of civil action to take against her...she makes up lies to get the police to come out and they never make a report nor have they found any evidence because they never take any information...the police just ask for my last name...this nieghbor gives out my telephone number...constantly ....she is a old lady that lives alone. i have all the documentation of the dog warden of letters from the warden with her address on it....the dog warden goes to her house first prior to coming to my home....i am in compliance with all dog laws....but this continues ...what type of case can i file for malicious harassment? if there are any lawyers out there who can help me...please do...we have been thru mediation about this in 2005...but that has not helped she continues to bother us....


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                What to do with a crabby apple... make a pie..

                I suppose taking her over a batch of freshly baked cinnamon rolls would be out of the question? I mean, you might get lucky and ‘kill’ her with kindness…problem solved…Der Doktor ist heraus!