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Can I charge my brother with harrasment? Florida

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  • Can I charge my brother with harrasment? Florida

    I have a drug addict brother that lives 300 yds behind me. My father and I tried to have the marksment act put into action with him. He somehow B.S. ed his way past an dr. and was released 11 hrs later. I asked him to leave my home when I heard him attempting to make drug deals on my phone. Which turned into an physical altercation. He now is driving through my grass and yelling out at me and my Girlfriend that we are going to be sued. For what I don't know, And yelling out he is going to get me. He lives in an mobile home I purchased for him, I have utilitys in my name for him. What the heck should I do, Im sick of not being able to walk outside for fear he is going to come up the driveway and start running his mouth.

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    Das ist in der Doktor!

    Yes you can… but aren't you really asking how can I stop my brother from doing drugs?….YOU can’t.
    File a police report, have a restraining order put on him and start going to AlAnon meetings and learn how to stop enabling his lifestyle. Start charging him rent and put the utilities in his name There is NOTHING you can do about his drug usage The ONLY person you can change is you! You are only delaying the enviable his recovery or his death. Make up your mind, there really is no other way.. been there, done that ,don’t do it any more….Der Doktor ist heraus
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      Oh Brother!!!

      Ok, I know I can not stop him from using. He is however going to stop running through my yard yelling Im going to get you. And trying to drive through my lawn. He's like Earnest T Bass. On mayberry, Look at me IM Earnest T.


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        Ok, then take out a restraining order on him.
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          Turn him in for the drug violations. Then your bother will have some jail time.