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What hearings will my child attend in juvenile court?

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  • What hearings will my child attend in juvenile court?

    You and your child will be required to attend all hearings, unless your appearance is specifically waived by your child's attorney. The hearings include:

    Detention Hearing : If your child is detained for more than 48 hours, there will be a detention hearing in no more than 72 hours, counting only court business days. The purpose of the detention hearing is for the Judge to decide if your child should go home before the next hearing, to appoint an attorney if you cannot afford one, and to read the charges against your child. If your child was arrested, but never detained, you will receive notice of an arraignment hearing. The purpose of the arraignment hearing is to appoint an attorney for your child if you cannot afford one and to read the petition containing the charges against your child.

    Adjudication or Disposition Hearing: An Adjudication or disposition hearing is equivalent to a sentencing hearing in adult court. If the Judge rules that your child committed the offense, then at the disposition hearing the Judge will decide what orders should be made about your child.

    In addition to the above hearings, you and your child may be required to attend any of the following hearings:

    Review Hearings: In some cases, the law or the Court may set hearings to review your child's progress and performance under probation supervision. This includes Permenancy Planning Reviews and Foster Care Reviews.