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What is Neglect? Tennessee

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  • What is Neglect? Tennessee

    Neglect is the failure to act on behalf of a child. It is an act of omission (see also abuse). Neglect may be thought of as child-rearing practices that are essentially inadequate or dangerous. It may not produce visible signs, and usually occurs over a period of time. Neglect may be physical or emotional.

    Physical Neglect: Failure to meet the basic needs for a child's physical development, such as supervision, cleanliness, housing, clothing, medical attention, nutrition, and support.

    Emotional Neglect: Failure to provide the support or affection necessary to a child's psychological and social development. More specifically it is failure on the part of the parent to provide the praise, nurturance, love or security essential to the child's development of a sound and healthy personality.

    The effects of extreme deprivation can be seen in the medical syndrome called non-organic failure to thrive. Failure to thrive is a condition in which children show a marked retardation or cessation of growth. On a normal growth chart, failure to thrive children fall below the 3rd percentile.