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What is Abuse? Tennessee

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  • What is Abuse? Tennessee

    Abuse is an intentional act against a child that causes bodily or emotional harm. It is an act of commission (see also neglect). Generally, abuse is categorized into three main areas:

    Physical Abuse: The non-accidental injury to a child.

    Sexual Abuse: Any act of a sexual nature upon or with a child. The act may be for the sexual gratification of the perpetrator or a third party. This would include the active participant and anyone who allowed or encouraged the act.

    Emotional Abuse: Continual attitude or acts that interfere with the psychological or social development of a child. Each of us is guilty of having unkindly snubbed a child or having judged too harshly, but emotional abuse is marked by its repetitive, chronic nature. Also, children exposed to episodes of Domestic Violence are enduring this kind of abuse.