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  • probation violations Rhode Island

    my fiancee is currently serving time in a different state for a crime commited there., at the end of his sentence he will be transported back to Rhode Island for a detainer regarding probation violation(s).,the violations are as follows., not checking in with probation., leaving state without permission while on probation, and being charged (and serving time) in a different state....,to my knowledge, he only knows about the leaving state violation.,(he told me that it is a felony), but all in all., after all is said and done.,what kind of time frame should i be expecting him to serve upon his transfer to Cranston? The entire length of his sentence in Virginia (upon his sentence ending date) will have been 3 years and the time will have been served in full. I am only curious how much longer i should expect him to be away before he can finally return home. If anyone could help me out on this i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks