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Do I have grounds for a case, I want my money back? Pennsylvania

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  • Do I have grounds for a case, I want my money back? Pennsylvania

    I am a PA resident and I bought a car from DE 3 days ago from a private party. I found the car listed online which stated:

    Selling 96 Honda Accord ex, all power, strong running 2.2 vtec motor auto trans shifts perfect. car has almost 160k motor has lil over 100k, its got a header and catback exhaust, lowered about 2", full body kit, 17" black rims, cold air intake, black tail lights, has no dents and no rust has few small paint chips, its still tagged and is daily drive. Asking 2800.

    He lowered the price to 2200 and I drove 1hr 45mins to purchase the car. He had spoke to my brother and myself and assured us the car was everything stated and more and that it was a heck of a deal. (It was custom painted pink)

    Excited, I bought the car. When we went for the test drive he informed me that the turn signal bulbs were out in the front and needed replaced, that the valve cover was leaking and it needed an exhaust gasket (which was only about $7 from the auto parts store, but it can NOT be purchased through them) and the springs had been cut to lower the car, but that was it. After a short drive down the road I realized it was not shifting properly and kicking into passing gear, none of the turn signals worked, the drivers window was not working properly along with the back passenger window and when I pushed the door lock it would make a horrible noise. Once I got the car home and started looking the wiring is all messed up (in the engine and under the dash), the ECU (computer) is not the match to the motor so it will not run properly because there are things not hooked up, the cat back exhaust is not there as stated and to top it off when I turned off the ignition sometimes, the motor itself will not stop running.

    I tried to contact him, but got no response. He did not disclose any of this othe rinfo about the amount of work it would need to fix this car. I saved a copy of the listing with the info stated above.

    Do I have grounds to ask for my money back or take him to small claims for my money and he can have the car back? If so would it have to be done in my state(PA) or his(DE)? Thanks

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    You would have to file suit in the state in which you purchased the car. Generally, when you buy a used car, you buy it as is.
    I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!


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      Agree, buying a used car is usually as is - "buyer beware."

      You can sue up to $15,000 in DE in small claims court just for your info.
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