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Another Parking lot nightmare Oregon

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  • Another Parking lot nightmare Oregon

    Okay, I have read the thread on parking lots and carts. I was in OR and unloading my cart parked on the up side of a steep incline....there was no brake on the cart, we looked, even with 2 of us the cart managed to roll down the hill and bump another vehicles bumper. As I apologized and said they should really fix that hill, we looked at the bumper, no damage. He then started looking higher and yelled that he had found a crease in the door. Both my daughter in law and I felt no crease. He then started yelling that he had been in another accident and they gave fasle info and he was not going to pay for this. I contacted the store manager and asked him what the did in this situation and he said, that it had never happend before ()...right - with that hill, so I asked for advise because he was making a scene. I called the police and followed their advise and gave him my name and number and told him to forward it to his insurance. He then began acting irrationally yelling at everyone I was not leaving w/o giving him my license and auto info....he sat in front of my car and later on my car and would not let me leave. I asked the store (a mistake I realize now - I should have called right there) to call the police again. He finally left after the police officer took a paper report and confirmed for him that I was who I claimed to be, but now he is calling me constantly. After being called names and listening to him yell at other drivers that I had hit his car and wouldn't give him my info I have NO desire to deal at all with him personally. He is not contacting his insurance co. I have been told OR is a no fault state...what does that mean, and I'm in another state...I do not believe that his car was damaged and that no one could keep carts from rolling down that hill. I admit it hit his bumper, but the police would not look at the car only wanted us to both leave - there was no scratch or paint problems at all. Suggestions, I think I'm being shaken down for damage I did not cause.
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    15 days after the "accident" as he puts it, he filed in small claims court - all he had to do was show up and pay his fees...this scams anyone from out of state...they are all counting on us just being willing to settle out of court, becusase it costs us more to defend oursleves than to fight. I will tell everyone I know to beware of this small coastal is down and they are making money any way they can - this supports the county, the locals, and the local businesses that feed off this type of accident scam! Oregon deserves its reputation for not treating visitors well! btw, I'm fighting this all the way!