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    My boyfriend was picked up on 2 warrents last tuesday he was arrigned friday on the first charge and given a pr bond... However he is still in jail on the child support warrent... they hav a bond amount set 4 him but he has never been 2 court 4 that charge... didnt they have to have him in court within 72 hrs or let him go?

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    Depends on what the warrants were for. If one was for not paying, and it was the first time on that particular case, they would probably release on OR with a court date. If it wasn't the first time, they probably wouldn't. Apparently he has some issues with a couple of baby mommas.

    Be warned, you're not so special that any child you may have with him would receive support either. Only saying this because I watched my own daughter go down that same road. No I don't expect you to believe me or listen to the advice. Just throwing it out there because you can reliably judge what a person is going to do to you by just paying attention to what he's done in the past.

    If it was for contempt of court, completely blowing off a couple of court dates (one being a CS hearing, and the next would have been a "we're going to charge you with contempt unless you show up and explain yourself" hearing. If he didn't show up to the second of those two hearings, they would have found him in contempt and he might be serving the sentence until the bond is paid. If they have set bond, there was a hearing for him to answer for the contempt and he blew that off. He's in there for the sentence and paying the bond (which would go towards the arrearage) is his only way of not serving the sentence. However, there will be a time and day where he will have to go to court for these issues again. If he continues to blow hearings off, be prepared for random arrests, attorney's fees, and court appearances for the next 18 years. That will be your life should he remain your "boyfriend".

    I hope you really love this guy and I hope you're ready to be the only adult in the relationship, because it sounds as if he may have issues in the area of being responsible.
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